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|| Kohima ||

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    5 Nights / 6 Days
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Let us go someplace else than the usual and relive the elegance of simplicity, happiness of mending own rules and freedom from the confines of mundane… Let us go someplace that is a home away from home… Trendy and laidback is how I would like to introduce Kohima to you. This capital city of Nagaland is far from the margins of the hurly burly city life…Not quaint in any sense, just peaceful and beautiful in all senses. When you delve deep into the city, you shall find a potpourri of culture dominating the lifestyle in Kohima. On the other hand, you may like to question their eating habits, but HEY! Let these pretty people enjoy their piece of life while you enjoy the piece of wonder that Kohima has been able to safeguard for so long. As the city has a mostly Christian population you would see a more liberated life here with lot of music and singing. Let us catch a glimpse of the ambiance in a church shot by Wild Films India, where the famous Tetseo Sisters performed a Christian hymn.