Accessible from November to April

Wildlife Assam Nagaland Tour has been intended for guests who wish to encounter untamed life and nature in the presumed national parks of Assam, which are likewise very famous all through the world. In this weeklong outing, one can see the one of a kind biodiversity of the tropical woods in the Brahmaputra valley of Assam. Altogether, you will visit 3 national parks and 1 untamed life asylums; extensive tracts of secured lands where present day protection helps spare innumerable species. Guests can communicate with natural life specialists and furthermore observe the endeavors of nearby gatherings occupied with preservation. The secured asylums shrouded in wildlife Assam Nagaland tour are:

Manas National Park

Manas is a haven that was before a chasing ground for rulers. The recreation center is situated in the lower regions of glorious Himalayan reaches. The haven has recorded 55 types of vertebrates, 380 types of feathered creatures, 50 of reptiles, and 3 types of creatures of land and water. Out of this untamed life, 21 warm blooded animals are India's Schedule I well evolved creatures and 31 of them are debilitated. The recreation center is outstanding for its uncommon and jeopardized natural life which isn't discovered anyplace else on the planet like the Assam roofed turtle, hispid bunny, brilliant langur and the modest dwarf hoard. Wildlife Assam Nagaland Tour packages give you chance to explore Manas National Park.

Nameri National Park

Without a doubt a standout amongst the most picturesque national stop of India, Nameri is situated at the lower regions of the Eastern Himalayas in the Sonitpur District of Assam. Wildlife Assam Nagaland Tour packages give you chance to explore Nameri National Park. It is abutted by the Pakhui Sanctuary of Arunachal Pradesh on the north-eastern side. This national stop is one of the thickest and additionally the most debilitated supplies of widely varied vegetation on the planet. Manas is known for having a portion of the world's best plant useful write and many-sided quality. The recreation center encounters tropical storms causing a normal yearly precipitation of 3400 mm. The assortment of fauna found in the recreation center is likewise exceptionally rich, with more than 30 types of warm blooded creatures alongside numerous assortments of tigers and elephants. One of the uncommon types of fauna found in this stop incorporates the topped langur and extraordinary Hornbills. The recreation center likewise comprises of more than 400 types of fowls making it a safe house for avifaunal darlings.

Kaziranga National Park

World popular Kaziranga National Park is also a part of Wildlife Assam Nagaland Tour, an UNESCO World Heritage Site, is situated in the core of Assam. It was announced a save timberland in 1905, and from that point forward, the recreation center has set a praiseworthy case in regions of protection, as in a traverse of 100 years, it has expanded the number of inhabitants in Indian rhinos from a simple 100 to in excess of 2000 today. The recreation center has around 66% of the world's extraordinary one-horned rhinoceroses and furthermore holds the record for securing the most astounding thickness of tigers on the planet. Kaziranga contains huge reproducing populaces of 35 mammalian species, of which 15 are viewed as debilitated. Nine of the 14 primate species found in India happen in the recreation center. Noticeable all around, Kaziranga is home to an assortment of transient winged creatures, water feathered creatures, predators, foragers, and amusement flying creatures.